Septic Inspection

An on-lot wastewater treatment system, or "septic system", may be the most expensive single component of your new home. Therefore, it is important that you know its condition before you buy.

A Septic Inspection provides you with information about the septic system components and current operating conditions. Inspection results are based on the experience and expertise of a knowledgeable inspector, information provided by the current owner of the property and observable conditions at the time of the inspection. Each inspection results in a septic system report that states:
  • the type and condition of the system and its components,
  • unsatisfactory conditions in the system and any need for additional testing,
  • list of corrective measures or next steps, if any are needed.
Allied Inspection Services, Inc. is a member of the Pennsylvania Septage Management Association (PSMA). All of our septic inspections are performed in strict conformance to the PSMA's Inspection Standards by PSMA-certified inspectors. These Standards have been described by Commonwealth Court as the "Industry Standard" for on-lot system inspection.

A Septic Inspection provides you with valuable information about the present condition of the system, however it is not a warranty or guarantee that the system will function properly for any period of time in the future.

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