Septic Consultation

Proper maintenance of a septic system starts with understanding the system.  Septic systems are typically the most expensive system for many homes and are the least understood.  Systems will vary in their sophistication and components.  Full understanding of the system, its individual components and how they all work together will provide clarity and encourage proper usage and maintenance moving forward.  This service is not a full PSMA septic inspection, but rather a general consultation that incorporates identifying major system components and in-depth discussion of each component and the system as a whole.  This consultation is lead by our septic division specialist leader who has more than 17 years of experience in installation, servicing, repairing, inspecting, and pumping septic systems.  Our team leader is also a certified sewerage enforcement officer.  Brock’s knowledge and experience are unparalleled making this a unique opportunity for home owners to be empowered with knowledge and learn how to protect and preserve what may be the most volatile and expensive system relating to their home!