Oil Tank Inspection

Above-Ground Oil Tanks

The TankSure® Program is the only testing and inspection process for residential above ground oil tanks using an EPA approved technology. The ultrasonic process is non-invasive and can be conducted in about fifteen minutes. The TankSure® Program has been designed to offer homeowners with oil heat systems a proactive inspection, testing, and tank replacement process.

The TankSure® Program is endorsed by the Insurance Industry and in most states homeowners that have had the TankSure® test and inspection will receive discounts on their residential homeowner’s policies.

Homeowners can receive a $1,000 proactive tank replacement warranty and documentation that can be valuable in real estate transactions. The benefits are easy to obtain and are very economical.

Underground Oil Tanks

The average lifespan of a buried steel tank can vary widely depending on the soil conditions and surrounding environment. Therefore, homebuyers intending to remain oil heat customers should protect their investment by evaluating the tank and soil prior to the real estate closing.

One of the most serious environmental concerns for homeowners is leaking residential underground heating oil tanks. The financial impact to the property value can be devastating. Some lending institutions require that heating oil tanks be tested or removed prior to transfer of real estate or refinancing.

The underground tank test systems use a sophisticated computer analysis program to evaluate the tank. The tank test will identify problems with the integrity of the tank or piping. This sophisticated, specialized testing is subcontracted to a local environmental professional.