Radon Protection Plan

With any environmental testing, there’s always the dependency on equipment and technology. With that in mind, we want our clients to understand that there are other testing companies and other testing methods available, particularly when it comes to radon testing. At Allied Inspection Services, we utilize the industry leading and most technologically advanced radon testing system available. This ensures that our clients are getting the most accurate and dependable results available with the fastest turn around allowable by the PA DEP standards. To support our claims of having the most accurate and dependable testing equipment available, we back all our radon tests with a 120-Day Radon Protection Plan. This Guarantee ensures the reliability and accuracy of our test results. The plan is simple: If you hire us to conduct a radon test in your home, and our test results are below 4.0 pCi/l, we guarantee them for a period of 120 days. Simply put; should you decide to conduct a retest utilizing a different testing company or different testing media/equipment, in a different month, for a longer period of time, and your test results are above 4.0 pCi/l, call us. We will then conduct a retest and if the results have changed, our policy will pay for the installation of a radon mitigation system. That simple! See policy details for more information.

What is Radon?

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