Termite Assurance

Termite Assurance Program

Wood destroying insects are just another area of attention that need not be overlooked in general property maintenance but typically, unless there’s some sort of issue or a real estate transaction, these types of inspections are not ordered. And having these done periodically is recommended to ensure any potential new infestations are caught in the earliest of stages. There are a number of credible pest control companies and inspection companies that can provide these inspection services, however, there’s very few that will offer you 90-day assurance that there will be no new infestations.

Introducing the Termite Assurance Program!! Order your wood destroyer insect inspection with Allied Inspection Services and receive the peace of mind of a 90-day assurance – FREE! Any new termite or carpenter ant activity observed within the first the 90 days following a WDI inspection with Viper Pest Services, you will receive a free treatment!

Just another benefit to entrusting your team of professionals at Allied Inspection Services with any and all of your inspection needs! Call us today!!

And as always – All VA loan applicants receive a free WDIR – Termite Inspection with Allied when ordered with a standard home inspection – Just a small token of gratitude for your service.