Allied Inspection Services is exclusively offering an industry first:  Mold|Safe - a mold protection warranty.  This unprecedented program has been implemented and included with all our home inspections since October 15, 2014!!

This service is included, at no additional charge, with every standard home inspection!

We understand the restraints and obstacles that are present at the majority of homes subjected to inspections:  Furniture, stores items, boxes, clutter, pictures, etc.  With limited visibility and restricted access there is always a possibility of hidden or undiscoverable mold during the limited visual home inspection.  And until recently, there was no solution.  With Mold|Safe, you can rest assured that if any mold is present, but not visible at the time of the inspection due to stored items, furniture, etc. and becomes visible once the items have been removed, you are covered up to $2000 in remediation costs for any NEW VISIBLE MOLD.  

Mold is increasingly becoming a common health and safety concern for homeowners and inparticular, informed homebuyers. 

Please Note:  Mold testing is available as an optional service with Allied Inspection.  If any visible mold is discovered at the time of your home inspection, your inspector will be able to help you understand the testing parameters and options.

Sample Mold|Safe policy

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I could not have been more pleased with the home inspection process and the thoroughness of the inspector. Matt was very pleasant, very knowledgable, and very patient and thorough in his explanations throughout the inspection as well as in response to individual questions. His report was easy to understand and the entire home inspection process was an enlightening and enjoyable experience. Matt helped me to feel comfortable during the inspection and as I am a first-time home buyer, he understood my reservations and put my mind at ease. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of a home inspection.
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